Hyderabadi 6 member racing group busted in Vijayawada


Source: Times of India

Vijayawada City Police arrested 6 bikers yesterday who drove recklessly and performed stunts near Kanaka Durga bridge four days ago.

The 6 persons have been charged under section 336 of IPC (endangering life) and some more sections of the Motor Vehicle act.

The six persons names are as follows:

  • Ayetlapu Nikhil – 23 years
  • Mankar Mahesh – 19 years
  • Ankam Siva – 20 years
  • Nerrolu Raghuram – 22 years
  • Chilakala Srivinivas Praveen – 19 years
  • Sultan Ranjith – 21 years

A video made by this group while performing wheelies and stoppies on the bridge went viral bringing the incident the police attention it required. They admitted that they had done the stunts and were sent to Remand.

Key police officers involved:

  • Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Shaik Nawaab Jaan

Police urged the public to drive responsibly and assured strict action against anyone driving rashly on roads.

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