2 con men from Hyderabad cheated 2000 people, arrested


Source: ANI News, NDTV, PTI

Shaik Khadar Basha and Panaganti Vijay Kumar were arrested by the Police through a tip-off. They had setup a company by name ‘Fortune Group of Estates and Services’ in June 2017 and started calling people to tell them that they won gifts and to collect their gifts they need to visit hotels or attend seminars. The company hired 30 people to constantly call people to cheat them by this method. The phone numbers were collected from innocent people at malls and multiplexes.

Victims who fell for their trap were then forced to buy club memberships, resort passes, event passes etc., for hefty amounts if they wanted to collect their gifts. It also appears that the victims had to give key documents related to their personal identity to collect gifts.

Police estimate that the total amount of cheating may be over Rs. 9 crore. Rs. 8 lakh cash, register books, pamphlets, plot allotment documents, rubber stamps, card swiping machines, two mobile phones, silver coin gift packs, holiday package coupons and membership cards were some of the items that were recovered in the firm’s offices.

Hyderabad’s Deputy Commissioner of Police Radhakishan Rao has made commendable progress on this case and investigations are currently on to recover as much amount as possible. The 2 con men are under custody probably until Monday.


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